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Sandy Nathan's writing opens worlds of spirit and inspiration . . .


Sandy Nathanís writing will take you to new worlds withher paranormal fantasy and metaphysical science fiction.Sandyís visionary thrillersopennew realms of spirit and inspiration.

The hallmark of Sandy Nathan's award-winning writing is imagination. Want to find books that dazzle you and take you to new realms? Call them science fiction, visionary fiction,paranormal fantasy, or metaphysical thrillers, Sandy Nathan's writing will blow your mind. She also writes memoir, self-help, applied psychology and children's books. (See the Books tab for more information.)

Earth's End: A Thrilling Series that Drives you tothe Edge of ExistenceIn the Earth's End Trilogy, the characters are pushed literally to the end of the planet--and existence. The people of Earth's End fight for their lives. They hope to survive and find love and happiness in impossible places. Sci-fi, Thriller, & Romance.

Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem:  Will Duane, the richest man in the world, reaches the Meeting, a Native American spiritual retreat. He hopes to gain permission to mine the Indians’ holy lands. Grandfather, the Native shaman, hopes a world where love is king will result. Evil intrudes and destroys both men’s hopes.

Leroy Watches Jr. & the Badass Bull: All Leroy wanted to do was help his dad at one last rodeo and visit his grandfather’s final retreat. He ends up the FBI’s Most Wanted.

Stepping off the Edge: Want your dreams to come true? How about some tips from a woman who lost the life she had, but got back more than she thought possible?

The Angel & the Brown-Eyed Boy: (Earth's End Book 1)The haunting story of a teenage boy and an intergalactic traveler given the task of saving two worlds. Nuclear Armageddon will destroy all life on Earth tomorrow morning at 7:35AM. Ellie and Jeremy must stop it. The Angel is both a coming of age story and a tale of first contact. Winner of multiple national awards for Visionary Fiction.

Lady Grace & the War for a New World (Earth's End Book2) Nuclear war destroys most life on Earth. Survivors are blasted back into prehistoric conditions. They must fight for their lives against natural predators and monstrous mutations. The mutations are human demons with psychic and telepathic powers.

The Headman & The Assassin (Earth's End Book 3). Love blossoms in a bomb shelter far below ground. Itís a romance for the ages, with not escape for anyone, ever. The loversí passion lasts beyond death. Itís a sizzling obsession that will move you to tears.

Other Books by Sandy Nathan

Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money: Centered on the conflict between Silicon Valley capitalism and Native American spirituality, Numenon has been compared to Carlos Castanedaís writing. Winner of six national awards for Visionary, Religious and Bicultural Fiction. (Bloodsong Series 1)

Stepping Off the Edge: Learning & Living Spiritual Practice: A spiritual companion for modern people. Warm, funny, useful. Winner of six national awards in Spirituality, Self Help, and Memoir.

Tecolote: The Little Horse That Could:The heartwarming story of a premature baby horse and how he overcomes a hard start to have a good life. Winner of multiple national awards for Juvenile Nonfiction.

Sandy Nathan's Recipes for a Good Life.

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Your Shelf Life: Sandy Nathan's Blog Originally Sandyís blog about books and writing, Your Shelf Life has become the place she shares whatís on her mind. Be it about writing-related problems or issues, news of the day, or whatever. Youíll find it in Your Shelf Life. Be sure to sign up to receive it by email!



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