Lady Grace and The War for a New World: : Earth’s End 2

About the Book

Lady Grace and The War for a New World: : Earth’s End 2
Lady Grace and The War for a New World: : Earth’s End 2

“Lady Grace holds its own with the best of today’s sci-fi page-turners while accomplishing much more. Nathan’s second book in the Tales from Earth’s End is just as much a spiritual and psychological exploration as it is science fiction/fantasy thriller. Nathan has created a unique niche that leaves her without rival in the canon of contemporary fiction.”

– Nathan Fisher, MBA
Stanford Graduate School of Business


Not everyone dies in the nuclear conflagration. Surviving any way they can, the lucky ones make their way to Piermont Manor, Jeremy Edgarton’s ancestral home. Jeremy is the sixteen-year-old tech genius who might have stopped the atomic war, but couldn’t. No one knows how much time has passed since the world blew up.

Join the characters of Earth’s End 1: Jeremy Edgarton, a man now, not a shrimpy nerd. Henry Henderson, the father Jeremy never had; Lena Henderson, the mother his real mother couldn’t be. Veronica Edgarton, Jeremy’s notorious and neglectful mom. And of course, Eliana, the exquisite dancer from another world.

They return to estate yearning for peace and a new life. But if you go away for a couple thousand years, you may find the neighborhood changed when you return. The beautiful estate is blasted to prehistoric conditions. Nothing remains.

That’s not the only nasty surprise awaiting them. Jeremy built a huge underground bomb shelter under the lawn. The estate’s staff took refuge in it to escape the war. Out of sight and mind, things have been cookin’. And not in a good way.

The rowdy villagers of the old estate have mutated into monsters fit for hell. Their world is hell–and all that keeps them down there are six round doors.

Coming home means fighting for their lives against new enemies. It also means finding new friends. Friends they may have longed for all their lives.

LADY GRACE is an unforgettable love story, as well as a fight for survival.

* * *

LADY GRACE & THE WAR FOR A NEW WORLD * from Sandy Nathan on Vimeo.