Stepping Off The Edge: A Roadmap for the Soul

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Stepping Off The Edge: A Roadmap for the Soul
Stepping Off The Edge: A Roadmap for the Soul

“This is a dynamic book. It’s alive with Ms. Nathan’s passion, and her presence is in every line, teaching and learning with you, helping you when you stumble, because she’s stumbled too. It’s rich with energy and meaning.”

– Gerald DiPego
Screenwriter, Phenomenon

Join the club. What if you knew someone whose dreams did come true? Would you want tips from a woman who lost the life she had, but got back more than she ever thought possible? What if she drew a map so that you could do it, too?

Guess what – she did. In Stepping off the Edge: A Roadmap for the Soul , Sandy Nathan reveals what she did that got her life-changing results. Through a series of real life vignettes, she shares simple stories that show how she overcame life’s hard balls.

“I’ve got all the credentials: I gobbled up the human potential movement, studied at an East Indian meditation school, and earned a master’s degree in counseling (and another one in economics); I’ve also had several professional careers.

“But the qualifications that drove me to write this book are the pain and suffering kind. They’re the ‘I rose from the ashes and made charcoal briquettes’ type.”

In Stepping off the Edge, Sandy pulls the nuggets of meaning – the insights and experiences that worked – into a plump, tasty literary morsel that’s as much fun as it is enlightening.


The text of 2014 edition of Stepping off the Edge is virtually the same as the earlier edition. That book won six national awards.


  • 2007 Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist in New Age (Spirituality/Metaphysics)
  • Bronze Medal Winner in Self Help, 2007 IPPY Awards
  • National Indie Excellence Awards 2007: Finalist in THREE Categories: Autobiography/Memoir, New Age
    Non-Fiction & Spirituality.
  • Best Books of 2007, USA Book News, Finalist in Authobiographpy/Memoir


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