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The text of 2014 edition of Stepping off the Edge is virtually the same as the earlier edition. That book won six national awards.

  • 2007 Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist in New Age (Spirituality/Metaphysics)
  • Bronze Medal Winner in Self Help, 2007 IPPY Awards
  • National Indie Excellence Awards 2007: Finalist in THREE Categories: Autobiography/Memoir, New Age Non-Fiction & Spirituality.
  • Best Books of 2007, USA Book News, Finalist in Autobiography/Memoir

5-stars An inspiring account of rising above life’s curve balls
By J.C. TOP 500 REVIEWER on July 9, 2014

An inspiring look at life and the challenges it often brings from the author’s first hand experiences. Heartfelt, raw, and at times humorous, Stepping off the Edge begs the queststeppingr221ion; do you like the life you’re living? And if not, are you ready to do something about it?

Nathan’s journey of spiritual self discovery is motivational without ever coming across as smug or self righteous. Her willingness to lay her past issues and shortcomings bare, to share her insecurities and fears, gives a humble authenticity to her voice, and her riches to rags to spiritual riches story provides guidance for anyone wondering if perhaps their life could be better, richer, more meaningful.

Well written and utterly captivating, Stepping off the Edge really hit home with me, and days after I’ve finished reading it I find myself contemplating Nathan’s story. The vignettes of her life evoke numerous emotions, and the delivery was that of a well loved friend. This is one book I’ll be revisiting soon.

5-stars We all need to ‘step off the edge’ at times…
By G. B. Shepherd on June 24, 2014

Sandy Nathan leads the reader with wit and warmth into taking a look at life, in particular, their own life and just what is going on. More importantly, she helps the reader ask the important questions. Do I like my life? Do I like the way I am living? If the answer is ‘yes,’ be ready to sit back and enjoy an enlightening excursion to another level of living. If you unfortunately answer ‘no,’ be ready to learn specific ways to turn ‘no’ into ‘yes’, or, at least, ‘maybe.’ Ms. Nathan guides without preaching, leads without pushing, and does it all with a sense of humor as she shares her own life experiences.

5-stars When you open yourself up to change… you’ll get it
By Tammie L. Smart on July 8, 2014

It’s funny how the Universe, God, the Great Spirit, or whoever you believe in will bring into your life what you need at the moment you need it. I have been on a personal journey of exploration into who I am, spiritual this past couple weeks.

Here I am given a copy of this book right when I’m asking myself the very question that Sandy explores in her writing of her own journey… “Is there more?” As I traveled her journey with her through the pages, I realized I didn’t have many of the same exact experiences as she did, but I can’t help thinking she was writing about me and my life.

I had to read these words a few times over a couple hours because it stirred something in me… “You fall in love with what you’re becoming.” I knew I was on a journey that was going to change my inner life. Was I ready for this change? I’d asked for a door to be open last Thursday and now Sandy was telling me it “only opens for those who love it the most.” I decided, in the middle of reading this book, that I wanted my tombstone to read these words too, “She became what she fell in love with: ___”

Now I’m on the journey to see what goes in that blank space. Thank you Sandy for the amazing insight into your life and helping me to be open to seeing into mine.

5-stars Courage, Heart and Humor Illuminate a Challenging Journey
By Kate McGuinness on June 24, 2014

Sandy Nathan is a woman I can identify with – bright, well-educated, and accomplished – but these attributes haven’t shielded her from devastating challenges. Her courage in facing these challenges and in opening her heart to reveal her struggles and her triumphs is remarkable. Her articulate, sometimes funny, description of her path inspires and entertains.