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Tecolote: The Little Horse That Could
Tecolote: The Little Horse That Could

2011 Silver Nautilus Award for Children’s Nonfiction (Gr. 1-6)
The Nautilus Award recognizes books, audio books, and e-books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change. Previous winners include Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

2011 National Indie Excellence Contest: Tecolote is a Finalist in two categories:

  •  Animals/Pets General
  • Juvenile Non-fiction


“Life Lessons Transcending Horsemanship: Sandy Nathan is a born storyteller. The rhythm of her language leads adults and children into a loving but realistic world where horses’ travails provide life lessons for all. I found the parallel horse and human experiences of fear masquerading as anger especially powerful. The beautifully illustrated book contains other reminders of how we should conduct ourselves. Good manners and patient learning smooth the way for all. Sandy’s skilled handling of the death of Tecolote’s mother allows a child to visit this concept without undue trauma. Additionally, Tecolote provides valuable insights into the burdens and joys of owning horses. Any would-be horse owner would do well to read it. Highly recommended!”

Kathleen McGuinness JD

“The book is beautifully illustrated with photos of Tecolote and the other horses on the farm. It would be a great gift book for horse lovers of all ages. Tecolote: The Little Horse That Could is written simply enough so children can read it themselves, but it will also appeal to adults.”

Bestselling author of The Witness Wore Blood Bay

“Tecolote is such a wonderful story about how a horse overcomes immense challenges just to stay alive. When he is born early trouble ensues. Even his mother Rosie refuses to let anyone close enough to help the newborn colt. Left with few options, he remained in the field all night in the bitter cold until more help could arrive in the morning. Soon Tecolote is up on his feet and learns to run and play. Sandy Nathan is such a good story teller you will be captivated from the first word until the last. She has included adorable pictures which make the story come alive. This is such a warm and amusing tale it made me laugh out loud a few times. I loved how Sandy Nathan explains how horses grow up and need special attention to be well mannered and tame. This is not just a children’s book, it will be enjoyed by people of all ages. What a lovely book. It is cute and funny and an absolute delight!”

Rebecca Johnson
Top 10 Reviewer on Amazon, The Rebecca Review

“I absolutely loved this book! This is not just a story for children or animal lovers. And it is more than a story about a young colt who almost didn’t make it, and how difficulties in life can turn into blessings. Through Tecolote’s journey we feel the love of a mother for her child, (horse for filly and colt), how to find friends, play with them, and create mischief as well. And we see how through losses in life, we find strength in ourselves and in others. I loved that the author used real photographs of the horses. This is a story for any age. I cried and laughed and marveled at all the ways love can be expressed in our lives.”

Zippora Karz
Author The Sugarless Plum: A Memoir

“A Beautiful Book for Horse Lovers, Tecolote was born prematurely and almost didn’t make it. But the little horse showed courage and an incredible will to survive. This is his story. Tecolote had to overcome not only a premature birth on a freezing night, but he had a problem with his front legs that made it difficult for him to stand.

This was a wonderful, sweet, touching little book. Tecolote came into this world early and not in the best condition. With love he was able to overcome his difficulties and grow into a beautiful horse. Reading his story was a real treat. The pictures in the book are beautiful and very expressive. He overcame many obstacles and brought so much happiness into the lives of those around him.

“This is a terrific book for little ones and big ones too. It shows how animals have so much to offer us and teach us. In my opinion this is a must read for any animal lover. I have never owned a horse or even ridden one but I fell in love with Tecolote as soon as I open this book.”

Senora G
Reading, Reading & Life