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Amazing Blend of Fantasy & Psychology––FIVE STARS!

The Headman & The Assassin: Earths End 3
The Headman & The Assassin: Earths End 3

“Sandy Nathan’s epic series “Tales from the Earth’s End” starts with The Angel and The Brown-Eyed Boy and continues with Lady Grace. The Angel opens with the run up to a nuclear war at some time in the future when the United States has devolved into a military state that might be envisioned by George Orwell. It is competing with Russia for world domination. However, the nuclear holocaust at the end of the Angel means there are no winners, only survivors.

“Despite the “Brown-Eyed Boy’s” elaborate plans to preserve the human race by populating an extensive underground shelter with elite specimens, the war’s early start means only those living in the vicinity of the shelter take refuge there. This is where Sam & Emily picks up. The twist that distinguishes Sam & Emily from other post-apocalyptic fiction is the nature of the shelter’s neighbors. And what a fascinating and repulsive lot they are!

“Ms. Nathan finds a hero among the primitive inhabitants of the shelter and, in the finest tradition of writers, tortures him. You’ll never forget Sam or his love Emily. Highly recommended.”

– Kate McGuinness JD, author of Terminal Ambition

Sam and Emily (Tales from Earth’s End III) – A Gripping Story of Life After the World Ends––FIVE STARS!

“Sam Baahuhd flees with his village to live the rest of their lives in the underground shelter just before the bombs explode wiping out all of humanity. But Sam finds leadership in this place much different than the village. In this confined space with limited food and the need to create a society that will last for generations, the old ways of the village with their inbreeding and disorderly drunkenness will surely doom the future of humanity. Sam must change his people but first must change himself. If it weren’t for Emily and her love, he may not be strong enough. Unfortunately, Sam may have to give her up in order to protect future generations.

“While “Sam and Emily” is the third book in Nathan’s “Tales from the Earth’s End” series, this is a very different book from the first two and in many ways stands alone. Whereas the other volumes focus more on the science fiction elements, this volume centers on the relationship between two critical and damaged personalities as they struggle to keep their love alive while living under impossible conditions. Nathan’s insights into the logistics and struggles of life in the underground and how to plan out generations who must not only survive but thrive, especially given the issues of inbreeding and genetic contamination with their limited human stock, is fascinating and reminiscent of Stephen King’s epic masterpiece – The Stand.

“Sam and Emily” is by far my favorite and I think the best written in the series. It will leave you thinking well after turning the last page.”

– Todd A. Fonseca, bestselling author of The Time Cavern

Prepare Yourself for a Wild Ride! Out of the Ballpark!

“I have been following Sandy’ Nathan’s writing since her very first book, Stepping Off the Edge: Learning & Living Spiritual Practice. Then came her novel, Numenon. Being a sci-fi fan, I have always been leery of new writers. Sandy put the lie to that for me. Numenon definitely had what I was looking for: a good story, imaginative ideas, and good writing. When I got to the end I was both sad and happy; sad because I was so invested in the story that I wanted to know what was going to happen next and happy because I was assured this was only the first in a series and I would be able to spend more time with these great characters down the line.

“Then Lady Grace came along and I found that Sandy had reached new heights in her story-telling and her craft. I told her I thought it was the best thing she had written. But then I read Sam & Emily. Out of the ballpark! It’s a terrific story with wonderful characters – both the good guys and the bad guys – in all kinds of wild situations.

“I think what makes Sandy’s writing so powerful is that her stories originate from her real-life experiences. The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy, first in the Tales from Earth’s End series, for example, came out of processing the grief over her brother’s death. So her stories are charged with the authenticity of what she’s going through

“If this is your first experience of Sandy Nathan’s writing, prepare yourself for a wild ride. And give thanks that there are Sandy Nathan books already in print and even more on their way.”

– Laren Bright
Emmy-nominated television writer